• How we work.

    What's the thinking behind what we do?

    Education / Curriculum

    Because God cares holistically.


    As a Christian charity, we truly believe that God is interested in every area of a child's life. Does God want children to be the best they can be? Does God want to give them opportunities to think through their long-term relationships, love and sexuality? Does God want them to be able to achieve more and believe in their own abilities?
    We think the answer is yes.
    As such, we offer opportunities for churches to serve local schools by enhancing, or enriching the curriculum which don't necessarily even speak about faith, but are an opportunity for people of faith to use the gifts, skills and experience they have to serve their local schools.
    That's why we run things like LOVElife (relationships) and STARS (early philosophical tools), why we run a homework club to help children move up in their numeracy and literacy skills, and why we help on trips or enrichment days.

    Christian Discipleship

    Because spirituality matters.


    As a Christian charity, we truly believe that God is interested in healthy ways children and young people can explore faith for themselves.


    As such, we offer opportunities for them to hear about the challenge of the Christian worldview and respond at whatever level is appropriate.


    We do not confuse education with discipleship.


    As such, we offer opportunities for churches to serve young people and children by enhancing, or enriching what churches already offer. We use people from local churches who want to work together, and enable the covenant for mission (signed by all major denominations) to be put into practice.


    That's why we run Christian groups, weekend residentials, leadership courses, church services, holiday clubs and a festival.

  • Education

    Serving and enhancing education on the Isle of Man


    (YR - Y6)

    SUMT co-ordinate the OPEN THE BOOK assembly teams in Primary School. Through this scheme (written by former school inspectors and teachers) we enable local churches to serve schools well. We all know that the quality of assembly material varies dramatically, but this scheme offers presentations of key Bible stories which simply tell the story well. Most of our teams are ecumenical, they are trained annually, and the material is excellent. Almost every Primary school on the Island invites an OTB team in to help take assemblies.


    (Y3 - Y4)

    STARS is a philosophy day for Y3-4. SUMT have put together a day for children to be able to 'wonder' about four major areas of life: special days, special beliefs, special people and special choices. The elements of the day are all based around the principles developed by Philosophy for Children, and the day was developed at the request of the Religious Education Advisory Committee (REAC). It was piloted in 2016 and is now available to be requested by schools or groups of schools as a curriculum enrichment day.



    Lifepath covers the whole of the Christian element of the Y5 RE curriculum on a single day. It takes place in partnership with Rushen Abbey, and uses almost 100 trained volunteers from around a quarter of the Island's local churches to make the experience happen. The day explores Christianity at Rushen Abbey and Christianity today, and takes the children on a highly interactive and memorable journey through the day. Also developed in partnership with REAC this event has been a highlight for many schools since it began in 2011, with some staff calling it the highlight of their year. Children leave with an activity bag crammed full of things they have made, and the cross-curricular links are numerous.



    Designed to enhance other transition material, ITS YOUR MOVE concentrates on the pastoral implications of moving from Primary to Secondary education. With an excellent a-z book filled with questions children might be asking, this lesson gives opportunities to ask questions, voice worries, and talk through the move. Schools who have seen the material have loved it. With very little Christian content at all, the aim of the day is to enable children to feel pastorally ready to move up.



    Designed to enhance transition at the other end, this day is designed to form community with the new Y7 group, and to help them think through four elements of life - themselves, their relationships, the communities they belong to, and the planet. The day takes them through these four areas, expressed purposfully in different learning styles, asking them repeatedly in small groups to talk about what they personally believe matters. They do this through a neutral stimulus, then by sitting together and evaluating a Christian worldview on that subject which they are encouraged to pull apart, discuss, and come to their own conclusions about. The primary aim with the day is to quickly build them as one group.

    EDUCATION: School Holidays


    More recently, a couple of the Primary schools that we work with have asked if we can help them to facilitate a really good mini school holiday for their leaving year group, or Y5 class. In some cases we are able to say yes, utilising our team house and throwing our time, resources and expertise into giving this group a really fun holiday together. The benefits for the school and the 'community' of that year group are huge, and we love to serve in these ways. Unless requested specifically, there is no faith input for these holidays, but we truly believe that God wants these opportunities to be there for schools.


    (Y10 - Y13)

    Our final curricular initiative was primarily aimed at Y10, but schools have requested we continue the input into 6th form, and as such we have worked with staff and health-care professionals locally to generate material for the older age groups also. LOVElife uses discussion and group work to enable young people to think through the choices they want to make about sexuality and relationships. It uses excellent material and contains no faith references. Sessions cover issues of consent, conflict resolution, STI's, love languages, different expectations in relationships, and more. The lessons also anonymously survey the young people's attitudes at the start and end of the course, and this is fed back to the schools in question. LOVElife has an advisory group separate to SUMT, headed up by an ex-head teacher, and including health professionals and teachers.

    EDUCATION: Assemblies

    (YR - Y13)

    SUMT provides excellent assembly material, bringing a spiritual and a moral challenge at the appropriate level in both Primary and Secondary. Assemblies are the crossover point between education and discipleship as the aim of as assembly is to provide a challenge and invoke a response. However, we are always aware that pupils do not have the option as to whether they attend assemblies or not, and so assembly material never requires a response or assumes a faith position. Assemblies are always appropriate for children, young people and staff of all faiths and none.

  • Discipleship

    Providing opportunities and places for children and young people to appropriately respond to the challenge of the Christian worldview and the person of Christ.

    DISCIPLESHIP: Groups in schools

    SUMT facilitate school Christian Union groups or Bible Clubs in every government secondary school on the Island and a few primary schools as well. These are places where young people can come and debate issues, explore their faith, and support each other freely.

    DISCIPLESHIP: Residential Weekends

    SUMT run Christian residential weekends for young people, where amidst crazy fun and food, we explore the Bible and allow spirituality to be explored at a more meaningful pace and in a safe setting.


    SUMT run CONNECT - monthly youth services designed to connect churches together and connect young people with God.

    DISCIPLESHIP: PSM Beach Mission

    Started in 1901, the PSM Beach Mission attracts almost 400 children and young people a year and is an annual opportunity for them to hear and respond to the message of Jesus should they choose - all in a lively and contemporary setting.


    A youth-festival for 12-18's, this festival is designed to be a lot of fun with the opportunity to explore faith as part of the package.

    DISCIPLESHIP: 412 Youth Leadership Course

    A few years ago we developed a course based around 1 Timothy 4.12 for emerging leaders. This course (412) enables young Christians to think through the kind of leaders they want to be.

    DISCIPLESHIP: Trainee opportunities: Gap Year/Degree

    Helping young adults test their sense of future calling to Christian vocations, SUMT run a Gap Year (1 or 2 year opportunities) which have the options of a certificate in Biblical Studies (from the IOM), or a youth work qualification through George Williams College (level 3 diploma). The Gap Year opportunities are fully funded with applicants simply providing their own spending money. As well as that students looking for higher level study can apply to both us and Moorlands College to do a 3 year full-time placement degree, with SUMT as their placement. This means a diverse experience and a degree (with many internal options) and is funded through the usual degree funding routes.

    DISCIPLESHIP: Church Services

    SUMT staff are available to come and help churches run all-age services, or simply to come and speak at churches about the work of SUMT. This can be as little input as a 5-10 minute slot during the service, could be the sermon slot, or could be handing us the whole service to run. We're also available to come and speak at prayer groups, Bible studies, or be guests at youth/kids clubs.

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